A Perfect Hunt is Colorado’s premier hunting outfitter for elk hunts. We focus on helping hunters find the perfect Colorado Big Game Hunt. Our goal is to understand your desires for a perfect hunting experience, whether that desire is to kill a 300-class bull or to go on a once-in-a-lifetime book a hunting trip with a family member, or maybe to ride horseback into the backcountry.

We can help you find the best book a hunting trip. There are over 1000 guides in Colorado, so selecting a guide can be a daunting task. A Perfect Hunt was built, for this reason, to help bridge the gap between hunters and guides. Just tell us what you want, and we will design the perfect hunt for you!

The Best Hunting Trip Packages

Each year, the Colorado landscape beckons orange-clad elk hunters with fabulous views, frosty mornings, and dark hints of stout bulls lurking in the tree lines. Colorado boasts the largest number of elk in the US, which makes it perfect for book a hunting trip. Hundreds of hunters travel to Colorado in the pursuit of elks. They chase these animals in one of Colorado’s over-the-counter elk game management units. If you want to experience the best book a hunting trip ever, let A Perfect Hunt help you find the perfect Colorado Big Game Hunt for you. We offer several elk hunting packages so you can make ensure to find one that suits your hunting needs.

Colorado Rocky Mountains Non-Guided Hunts

This package is for those who want to walk into camp and walk out. We offer a comfortable bed, warm shower, delicious food, and even Wi-Fi! Just bring proper clothing, and we can take care of the rest.

Colorado Guided Elk Hunt

This is an all-inclusive book a hunting trip. We will connect you with one of our seasoned hunting guides. Our standard guided hunting packages range from five-day hunts with a seven-night getaway, including meals, transportation (horse or ATV), and full access to one of our seasoned guides. Bring your personal gear, rifle, and a hunting license.

Hunting Drop Camp

If you want to be deep in the backcountry, this package is for you. It includes a tent and all equipment set up. We will also handle packing all your gear, and packing that gear away once the season is over. These book a hunting trip usually last between five to twelve days. Bring your clothing, food, personal gear, sleeping bag, cot, your rifle, and a hunting license. We can provide everything else.

Build Out a Dream Hunt

If none of the other packages fit your hunting needs, you can custom build your book a hunting trip, then let us help you build out that perfect hunt. This hunt is for the hunter that wants to enjoy the luxuries of the great outdoors.

Cabin Rentals for Self-Service Hunts

Rent a cabin with us. We offer one-bed, two-bed, three-bed, or four-bed cabins. Our cabins are fully equipped with Wi-Fi, showers, TV, heater, stove, electricity, and a fridge. All you need to bring is your personal gear, bedding, horses or ATV, a rifle, and a hunting license. We have a minimum stay of six nights.

Your Elk Hunting Experts

If you pick one of our seasoned guides, you will have a much higher chance of killing an animal. If you just need a place to stay, our cabins are equipped with all you need.

Reserve a spot with an expert elk hunting outfitters in Colorado. Book a book a hunting trip with A Perfect Hunt.

We offer many different packages depending on the hunter’s individual needs, including trespass fees, exclusive group leases, and fully book a hunting trip. Hunt out of our lodges using four-wheel drives, or stay in our remote cabins or tent camps. We guarantee our ranches will never be overcrowded or over-hunted. Whether you are an archer, muzzleloader, or rifle hunter, or prefer a fully book a hunting trip, drop camp, or trespass fee, we have the perfect hunt for you!

If you want to experience a hunting expedition unlike any other, let us know what your perfect hunt looks like, and we will make it possible. Book an elk hunting trip today!

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