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How Do I Learn about the Hunting Unit That I Am Hunting In?

Colorado is divided into 185 Game Management Units. While it may be tough to learn all there is about all of them; it is vital to the success of your trip -as well as your responsibility- to study the unit you are going into, its boundaries and those of any private land within it.

So for you to get as familiar as possible with the GMU you got drawn or that are available to choose over the counter, there are a series of valuable resources and tools that the Colorado Parks and Wildlife service has made available to the public.

GMU Maps

Besides the detailed unit descriptions in the Big-Game Brochure, there are the GMU Maps and the Hunting Atlas, a great interactive and customizable tool that allows you to select a variety of layers to superimpose on the maps, including topography, GMUs, summer/winter ranges, and migration routes. This is a great resource that helps you virtually “see” what conditions you may encounter and try to determine the most likely spots to find the elk, make camp, etc.

Draw Recap Reports and Harvest Statistics

Another great tool at your disposal are the elk hunting statistic reports. They provide information as to how many licenses were available in all GMUs across the state, how many hunters applied for the limited licenses, how many were successful drawing one, and how many preference points it took to succeed.

Hunt Planner

If after reading all of the resources listed above and nose diving into the maps you still find yourself confused or need a bit more guidance, do not despair! Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a dedicated phone line (303-291-7526) where you can talk with a local expert to ask all the questions you want about the unit you are going into and get professional help planning your elk hunting trip.

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