Having a hard time identifying which hunting unit to hunt in?

If you are, you’re not alone. This is a very hard decision to make.

After you find a unit that you like, we recommend that you keep hunting in that unit for years to come. Hunting consistently in that unit is important because you will need to learn the terrain, and how the elk migrate in and out of that unit. Hunters that have been hunting in their unit for generations are still learning about that special honey hole. At A Perfect Hunt, we have a guide that has been hunting in unit 42 for around 15 years. Within that 15 years, he has been able to kill 8 elk within a 200-yard radius of the other elk he’s killed, and has been able to kill a total of 11 elk within that 15-year time frame.


Because this particular hunter has learned about the terrain.


  • If it snows, the elk will move to this location over that location.
  • If the hunter is hunting during a full moon, the elk feed in the middle of the night where the grass is high. So where is the grass high at?
  • If you are hunting archery, mossuload, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th season the elk will be in different locations depending the time of the year

This is the reason why we recommend that you hunt in the same unit for years to come. You cannot learn everything in a year, or even a few years. A hunter can hunt his entire life, and only learn a few thing about his chosen unit. This is the main reason why hunters prefer to hunt with guides.

A guide has made hunting their perfection. All they do is eat, sleep, and hunt. A guide should be a master of their craft, they should know how the elk run, where the elk run, where they will be on a Fullmoon, or where they will be if it’s hot or cold. This is the reason why hunting with a guide is fantastic: it helps raise your kill percentage.

A hunter will depend on a guide. The guide steers the hunt through all of the obstacles, helping the hunter make his big game elk kills!

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